May 21, 2012

Circle Lenses: Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green Review

Another circle lens review, huh? Well, I have very many circle lenses that I haven't even opened yet, but I could not wait any longer to open this pair of lenses. They are the Geo Princess Mimi lenses in the color Apple Green, and they are absolutely beautiful!!

Geo Princess Mimi in Apple Green:

These lenses are some of the most popular lenses on the market today, and that is partly because a famous model designed them, as well as the other colors in the range. I did not buy these lenses because of that, but because of the way they looked. I have read so many reviews on these and the lenses looked stunningly green!

I have green eyes naturally and my inner rim is somewhat yellow, just like these lenses. However, these lenses really enlarge my eyes and make the green in my eyes stand out even more. I absolutely love them! I have been looking for the perfect pair of green lenses for a while now, and I think I have found them. I am still waiting for my Blytheye Green lenses and my Puffy 3 Tones Green lenses as well, but I think I will wait on opening them since I love the Mimi lenses so much!
The color of these is more of a forest green when you are indoors, but whenever the sunlight hits them or when you are using flash photography, the color turns an apple green color, just like the name suggests :)

These lenses actually look pretty natural on me, but I feel like I still need to wear makeup with them since they are so big.
So the enlargement is amazing! But I do not feel like they are that much bigger than my other lenses that are 14.5 mm, even though these are 15.0 mm. Other people have said that these lenses are HUGE, but I do not think so. It could be because my irises are naturally big anyways, but still.

The lenses are amazingly comfortable, and I dare to say that they are the most comfortable lenses I have ever tried. I don't know if that is due to the size and that the bigger lenses fit me better. I have heard other people complaining that these lenses are uncomfortable, but for me they are not.

I take all my photoes in natural lighting so that you can see how they would look in your everyday life.

I love these lenses, and you can get them from Pinkyparadise. The link will take you right to them.


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