May 16, 2012

Circle Lenses: Vassen Latte Series in Grey Review

A while ago I ordered many different circle lenses, and one of these pairs were the Vassen Latte Grey. I bought these from PinkyParadise when they had a promotion going on where if you bought and reviewed those lenses on your blog or your youtube page, you would get a coupon code for 50 % off your next order. This offer still applies btw if you order them before May 31st. Check the site out for more info.

I have tried many different pairs of circle lenses, but none of the Cafè, Latte etc series with the swirly design on them. Vassen is the latest company to come out with a series like this, and I have not seen these lenses anywhere else, except for on pinkyparadise.
When you order from Pinkyparadise, you get a free, cute lens case with every pair of lenses you purchase.

Vassen Latte Grey:

Vassen Latte Grey
First off, I must say that I never expected to buy an actual grey lens. Grey is not a natural color at all in my opinion, although I know there are some people that have grey eyes. I just never wanted that color. However, the Vassen Latte Greys had a swirly design with brownish/yellowish coloring amidst all the grey, so it looked more appealing to me.
You can find these exact lenses here.
As you can see, these lenses appear very dark on my eyes, and my natural eye color is green with yellow in the middle. This color is not a light grey, it is more of a charcoal grey, which goes very well with a smoky eye. I actually NEED to have my makeup like this to be able to pull off these lenses, so I would say that the Vassen Latte Grey are more of a "going out at night" type of lens.
I actually love the swirly design on these lenses, and I would love for them to come out with more colors, even very vibrant ones with this design on them. It looks very natural if dark grey was actually an eye color.

These lenses are actually pretty comfortable. I can wear them for a few hours without feeling like they are uncomfortable. But I need to keep eyedrops with me just in case, which I always do whenever I am wearing any circle lenses.
The diameter of these lenses is 14,5 mm, which is a great size for me. They do have a pronounced black outer rim, which makes these lenses stand out even more and make my eyes appear very enlarged. I get a dolly eye effect with them which I like. I do like that these lenses appear natural even though they clearly aren't. That is mostly due to the design and not the color.
As with most circle lenses, you can keep these for up to a year if you treat them right.

Buy them here for 23,90 US $.


  1. Wow! It makes your eyes look spiral and shinning! ;)

  2. I like these as i ordered them in brown. The weird thing though is that they are bigger than my super angel lenses. do you find that they are super big on your eyes as well?

  3. These lenses suit you. It's hard to find nice grey lenses for light eyes. Often they're either dark or too opaque and bright to look natural.