Apr 9, 2012

Makeup Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #23

I have used many different BB Creams these past 2 years, and I first heard about them on youtube where a lot of "gurus" talked about how great they were etc. I had at one point 10 different BB Creams, but there were 2 that I used more than others, one of them was the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, but in the color #21, which was too light for me.
When I now wanted to start using my BB Creams again, they had been lost when I moved to a new apartment, so I ordered 2 online. The Missha BB Cream was one of them, and I absolutely love it, especially now that it is in the right shade for me. Here is my review of it:

What is a BB Cream?
A BB Cream is a mixture of a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. The only difference is that a bb cream has beneficial skincare properties like anti ageing, spf, whitening/lightening the skin, healing blemishes etc. There are many different brands that make bb creams, but the best ones I have tried are made in Asia, not the generic ones like Garnier's bb creams etc.

Missha's BB Cream:
The Missha bb cream is my absolute favourite product at the moment. It has spf 42 which is very high, but necessary especially during the summer. Keep in mind that these bb creams were made for Asian girls with very fair skin and who want even lighter skin since that is considered the beauty norm.
It states that this bb cream has anti ageing properties, is full cover and lightens your skin, thereby reducing redness, blemishes, spots and acne scarring, even hyperpigmentation.

My thoughts:
As I have already stated, I have used this BB cream a long time, and I can definitely vouch for what it claims to do. It has evened out my skintone and it has kept my skin free of blemishes. It's coverage is actually pretty good, even better than some foundations I have used, and it looks extremely natural on the skin. Most people can't tell that I am wearing makeup when I use this product.

I apply this in the morning after I have cleansed, toned and moisturized my face. I blend it in with my fingers as I find they do a better job of it than any brushes I own.
This product sinks into my skin and does not leave a greasy residue on my face, but I still set it with a powder and a setting spray before I run off. This is because the staying power may not be as good as for instance Revlon Colorstay foundation which lasts all day. But when I actually do set it with a powder and a spray, it lasts and looks perfect all day!

Would I recommend this product:
Yes, definitely. If you do not want to wear a heavy foundation everyday, but you find that a tinted moisturizer doesn't cover up enought for you, but you still want to look natural, but flawless, then this is the product for you. I would even recommend this to someone who struggles with old acne scars and hyperpigmentation, because it really does help. You have to use it consistently though for a couple of months to notice any major changes, but if you keep at it, I can almost guarantee you your skin would both feel and look better than if you had only used a regular foundation for the same amount of time.

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  1. What a great review. Ive heard so much about BB creams but never tried any.

    1. Thanks :) You really should try one BB Cream :) If you are worried about colors, most of them blend into your skintone if you work a bit extra with them :)