Apr 18, 2012

My Skincare Routine - Day and Night

I previously wrote about my skincare routine on my old blog, which was in Norwegian, so I thought I should share my routine again with all of you here on my new blog. Some things have changed in my routine, but most items are the same :)

My Skin Type:

My skin is normal/dry, but can actually become extremely dry/dehydrated during the winter months, which is why I use products that leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. I use a ton of moisturizing products like serums and lotions, because if I don't, my skin retaliates and becomes rough and patchy. I had previously thought that my skin was oily as it produced lots of oils to compensate for the dryness, so I had used a lot of cleansers and toners that would strip my skin of the oils, which only made it worse. It was only when I actually started working at Lush and my awesome trainee David told me that I had to put a lot of moisture back into my skin and use products made for dry skin, that my skin started feeling like its amazing self again!

Morning Routine:

In the morning I start off by using Lush's Aqua Marina Cleanser to cleanse my face. This product is absolutely amazing as it leaves my skin feeling soft and reduces any redness that my skin might have. It contains calamine and seaweed, which cleanses and softens the skin while leaving it to soak up the minerals in the seaweed. My skin never feels stripped of moisture with this cleanser.
After I cleanse my skin, I use Lush's Breath of Fresh Air Toner and spray that all over my face and let it soak in before I do anything else. This product works extremely well with Aqua Marina since it also contains many of the same ingredients.
Now comes the fun stuff: moisturizing. I use 3 different serums/moisturizers. The first one is Lush's Full of Grace Serum Bar which I smooth all over my face and massage it into my skin. It really is a miracle worker and it prepares my skin for any other products I might apply. Then I use Loreal's Youth Code Luminizer Serum and let it soak into my skin. This product is supposed to even out your skintone and give you a fresh glow. I haven't used it long enough to give a full review yet, so stay tuned for that. The moisturizer I use is Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. It is absolutely aweome: it is light and sinks into my skin like nobody's business, but it still is plenty moisturizing enough for my dry skin. My skin does not feel greasy or sticky afterwards, which is also a plus.
Then I start my makeup routine. Currently I am using Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream as my "foundation".

Evening Routine:

In the evenings, my skincare routine changes depending on how my skin feels and whether or not I have makeup on. I usually start off by removing my makeup using Lush's Ultra Bland. I massage it onto my skin and my eyes, and remove it using a wet cotton pad.
Every other day, I use my Clarisonic Mia to exfoliate my skin and deepclean it, and I use this with Lush's 9 to 5 Cleanser. This makes my skin feel so smooth and soft and it gets rid of everything that has been hiding in my pores. I cannot use this every day though, but I love it! I would invest in one if I were you. I did. If I'm not using my Clarisonic, I use my Lush Aqua Marina.
After I have cleansed my skin, I use the same serums and moisturizers as I do in the mornings. The only things I might do differently, is use my Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil if my skin is feeling very dry. I only use about 3 drops of this in areas where I need to. I do this about once a week.
I also use Lush's Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream as my eye cream. Yes, I really do!! :D It works wonders for my under eye area :)

Sometimes I use a toner tab from Lush to steam my face and open my pores really well. I do this about once every 2 weeks if I remember it :) I also use face masks once in a while. Some of them are from Lush, while some of them are from My Beauty Diary :)
I have already ordered a few things online to add to my skincare routine. I will let you know what I think of them. The things I have ordered are the Sirius Aurora Light Therapy System, Cure Natural Aqua Gel and a whitening "toner lotion" :) And also a face mask from Skinfood.

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