Apr 12, 2012

Makeup Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

I have wanted to try a REAL makeup setting spray for a long time now, and what I mean by "real" is that it is supposed to keep your makeup in place throughout the day, not just keep it from looking cakey like Max Fix Plus does. I knew that Skindinavia was a brand coveted by many youtubers and bloggers worldwide, but I also knew that Skindinavia made the Urban Decay setting sprays, so I decided upon the Urban Decay All Nighter.

There are lots of different makeup setting sprays that are supposed to keep your makeup in place, and some of them are even supposed to help you stay matte all day, while some are supposed to give you a dewy glow. I just chose the one that is supposed to keep your makeup looking flawless for 16 hours straight.

Urban Decay All Nighter:

In an exclusive partnership with SKINDINÄVIA, we developed thisgroundbreaking, hypoallergenic setting spray that keeps your makeup on for 16 unbelievable hours. Legendary enough that it’s already inspired imitations, All Nighter boasts a patent pending Temperature Control Technology that makes this weightless mist so powerful and sets it far above the competition. Your makeup won’t melt when it's warm and humid or become dehydrated when it’s cold and windy. Yes, it actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to hold foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place. The sprayer, unlike others on the market, delivers a micro-fine mist that distributes product evenly over the skin.

(The Urban Decay website)

You are supposed to shake the bottle before every use, and then spray it on in an X and T formation.

What I Think of the Product:

I actually really love this product and cannot believe I have gone so long without using a setting spray. It has revolutionized the way I feel about makeup. Previously, I could only feel comfortable for maybe 5 hours wearing my makeup before it started to look cakey/fading etc. Now I can wear my makeup from the time I apply it in the mornings until the time I rinse it off in the evenings, and it still looks great!
I absolutely recommend this product to everyone!

The great thing about these sprays is that there is one for every skintype: If you are looking to control oilyness, try the De-Slick. If you want a dewy finish, try the Dew Me. Personally, I love the All Nighter as I neither want a dewy or matte finish.

I have tried this product with both foundations and bb creams, and it works amazing with all combinations. I still set my makeup with a light powder before I use the spray, but that is what I have always done. I don't really need to as it looks the same both ways, so that is a plus :)

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  1. Hei Elena!
    Var å tittet litt på den gamle bloggen din å lurte på en ting.. :)
    Du hadde lagt ut noe om sigma børstene, og etter å ha sett på tiffanys videoer på youtube, har jeg bare så lyst på dem.. :D
    Mitt spørsmål er da, måtte du betale noe toll for dem da du bestilte dem? Og er det noen du ville ha anbefalt for å begynne med :)

    Beklager at jeg skriver om Sigma på dette innlegget, men jeg visste ikke hvordan jeg ellers skulle kunne "kontakte" deg :)

    Mvh Silje :)

    1. Hei :)
      Jeg elsker alle Sigma sine sminkekoster og anbefaler dem på det sterkeste! Jeg måtte ikke betale for noe toll nei, men da skrev de også verdien lavere på pakken. Det gjør de ikke lengre, så det kan være at du må betale for toll. Men send de en mail og spør om de da evt refunderer :)
      Jeg anbefaler garantert de børstekitene de har. Se på alle sminkekostene du allerede har og bestem deg for hvilke du trenger. Hvis du allerede har mange til ansiktet og du er fornøyd med dem, bør du heller satse på et kit til øynene etc :)

  2. Takk for svaret :) Har til ansiktet og er ganske fornøyde med dem.. Men savner flere til øynene så det blir nok Sigma etterhvert! :D Takk igjen :)
    Go helg!! :D